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If you want to give new life to your carpets, Trust I-Care Carpet Cleaning Cumbernauld to get the job done!

If you want to get your carpets clean, there is no doubt that you should call Carpet Cleaning Cumbernauld. Why? The answer is very simple: we have years of experience in the field, so we know everything there is to know about how to properly clean your carpets.

We have up to date equipment, tools, and products necessary to make your carpet look perfectly clean in a very short time.

We have proven techniques that clean deeply in your carpet’s fibers, removing all dirt and making them clean and odorless. After we have cleaned your carpets, you and your family will enjoy the benefits of cleaner, easier and healthier breathing in your home or business.

Our guaranteed system will remove all the dirt from your carpets, but it will also remove any bacteria, allergens, dirt, pollutants and anything else that is unwanted that could harm your health or that of your family. At Carpet Cleaning Cumbernauld We offer you 100% satisfaction with our service, which includes addressing any possible problem that occurs during or after the service.

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Carpet Cleaning Cumbernauld Is The Best Option

There may be a lot of carpet cleaner near Cumbernauld and they may have a wide range of prices. Some of them are marketed as “the cheapest solution” for your carpet cleaning needs. But the truth is that the best and most reliable carpet cleaning company you can find in and around Cumbernauld is professional Carpet Cleaning Cumbernauld.

And we are not just saying it. For years we have been serving as professional carpet cleaners in Cumbernauld area with our carpet cleaning and other services. We’ve learned everything there is to know about rugs and how to clean them: the right kind of products, how to use them, cleaning procedures, and more.

We know that every home or office is different. We understand the different types of fabrics that exist and how to treat each one so that all your carpets upholstery and rugs are perfect, regardless of the type of material it is made of.

We have over 100’s of five-star positive testimonials on sites like Google, Yelp and many other business review websites. Therefore, when looking for reliable, quality, responsible and affordable service, I-Care professional carpet cleaners cumbernauld is the best choice for Cumbernauld and the surrounding area.


Our Carpet Cleaning Cumbernauld Process

  • Inspection- Pre-inspection and evaluation of carpet fiber, odors, pet stains, or specialty stain treatments needed and more
  • Pre-Spray-Where we use a pre-conditioning product that will help to loosen all the dirt on the carpet.
  • Pre- Agitation Pre-scrub with counter rotating brush or Grandi Groom Brush is used to loosen the soil and dirt even more.
  • Soil Extraction and Rinse- Hot water extraction and dry stroke technique to ensure fast dry time most of the time.
  • Neutralizer- Where a product is used to improve the results from the cleaning process. This product stabilizes the carpet’s Ph. to reduce quick resoiling.
  • Post-Cleaning Inspection Our specialist goes through the space revising everything with you, so you can review the work done and answer any questions.

Rug Cleaning Cumbernauld

Is your area rug looking dull and dirty? A professional cleaning job can bring that rug back to life. Whether it’s an antique rug or just a few years old, you need a cleaning team that knows proper rug care. Rug Cleaning Cumbernauld is just the team you need. With our rug cleaning service, we’ll bring that area rug back to life so that it can keep adding beauty to your home.