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Rug Cleaning Glasgow

Rug Cleaning Glasgow

Rug Cleaning Glasgow

Our specialist Rug Cleaning Glasgow service combines market leading technology with years of experience in the cleaning of household textiles.

At I Care Cleaning Services we clean all kinds of rugs, including all traditional Asian hand knotted rugs, handmade rugs, machine made rugs, wool rugs, Persian rugs, oriental rugs, Chinese and Turkish rugs, Shag rug cleaning, modern area rug cleaning, silk rug cleaning Glasgow.

Benefits of Our Rug Cleaning Glasgow

We’re local based best Rug cleaners and one of the few specialists in the Glasgow and surrounding areas.

Rug cleaning Glasgow offer our customers a couple of different types of rug cleaning techniques wet rug cleaning and rug dry cleaning.

  •    Best industrial power cleaning machine to clean your rug, extending the life of your rug
  •   The richness of bright, vibrant colours restored
  •   Optional protection treatment to help resist future staining and soiling
  •   Safe for Children and Pets
  •   Deep rug cleaning: suitable for all old and very soiled rugs
  •   Complete 100% satisfaction guarantee
  •   Competitive pricing

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Choosing to hire the right professional rug cleaning Glasgow services rather than trying to do it yourself is the best option for any homeowner.

While the process may seem as simple as vacuuming, it will not help extend the life of the rug. A lot of people prefer to do it themselves because they don’t know about the risk of dirt that their rugs and carpets hide for their health.

The number of people suffering from asthma and allergies increases every year and the reason is very simple: most of these people do not pay attention to the hygiene of their homes. Many think that vacuuming can protect them from all bacteria and all other types of dirt that their rugs could hide.

Our professional team at I Care Cleaning Services knows that today we cannot escape all the dangers that surround us. The food we eat is not the same, the air we breathe is not as clear as before considering increased production, all the environments etc.

Rug Cleaning Glasgow

Rug Cleaning Glasgow

Key Benefits Of Our Upholstery Cleaning Glasgow

We inspect the fabric & identify spots/stains.

Then begins the magic of our steam cleaning at appropriate temperature & pressure that sucks all dirt & takes away hard stains, giving your upholstery a fresh look.

Quick drying time and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Fully insured for peace of mind including treatment risk.

Customer on the following day to make sure they are totally happy.

Upholstery Cleaning Glasgow – Upholstery drying times

Deep Down Carpet Cleaning

This is always a good one. Undoubtedly, we can’t do a deep down clean without using water. The only method to get fabric deep down clean is to use water with a suitable cleaning agent & that is the rub. However, most people will either tell you that you don’t need water and their special foamy detergent will dry quickly and do a great job of cleaning your upholstery.

It’s true that some individuals are still using old detergents to clean their upholstery but the main issue with this is that it leaves a fine sticky residue. It appears nice to start with but because of stickiness it attracts more soil and dirt.

This just makes it look terrible again in a short time.

This is why some people won’t have their carpets cleaned because they say they get dirty much quicker. Well, that is the reason.

We are a local rug cleaning Glasgow company with many years of experience

For your Peace of Mind we are the acknowledged authority on Rug Cleaning in Glasgow. With many years of both commercial and domestic Rug Cleaning experience and our total devotion to delighting you, our client, this means we guarantee to:

  •    Treat your home with full respect.
  •   Lovingly move your home furniture and put it back when we are finished.
  •   Provide you Fabulous Rug Cleaning that Stays Cleaner Longer.
  •   Extend the life of your favourite rugs.
  •   Give you a dryer, healthier and faster rug cleaning process.
  •   Kill the breeding bugs that are lurking deep down in your rugs
  •   For peace of mind we Leave your rug Pet and Baby safe

We like to think that we are doing our best to protect our health and our families, children, friends, and pets, those we love, etc., but do we really do it? Of course, we cannot protect ourselves 100%, but at least we can do what is best for our homes.

Many people spend around 15 hours at home, work 8 hours a day, and then go home directly because they are tired. Many companies care about their employees and hire professional cleaners to clean their offices, so you can be protected at work, but the hygiene of your home depends on you.

Even if you vacuum well every day, without professional machines like the ones we use at I Care Cleaning Services, you will never be able to clean all the dirt from your rugs. We highly recommend our professional cleaning services mainly to people who are busy, have children, pets. In most cases, your home makes you sick from the dirt in our homes, the place where we spend most of our time there.

Our professional carpet and upholstery cleaners will remove moderate and heavy stains from your carpets. The type of cleaning solution will depend on the amount of staining and stains present in your rug.

We have special solutions that will remove most of the stains effectively. We will clean up oil, chocolate, glue and coffee stains to make your rugs look fresh and new. We promise that we will not harm your carpets, rugs or sofa: we will use the appropriate detergents, solutions and techniques for your favourite rug or upholstery cleaning.