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DIY Carpet Cleaning Vs. Professional

If you’re thinking about cleaning your carpets, you’ve probably wondered if you should consider Carpet cleaning yourself or if you should hire a professional. You’re probably torn between renting your own DIY carpet cleaning machine or hiring a professional. Before you drive to your local rental store and bring home a Rug Doctor, let’s compare your options.

Making the Right Carpet Cleaning Choice

Our goal is to help you make the correct decision for your home. We want you to have a clean and comfortable home with beautiful carpets that are free of unpleasant odors and stains.

Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Machines Vs. Professional Equiptments

A DIY carpet cleaning system can allow you to clean your carpets for a lower price. However, keep in mind that you will also need to purchase a solution and rent the machine, which will increase costs. Ultimately, by going DIY, you will be sacrificing a significant level of cleaning quality. Do-it-yourself rug cleaners like Rug Doctor, which you rent from your local store to take home, are fine for cleaning shallow rugs. They will take away some of the dirt you can see. However, they are not good for deep cleaning your carpets. To get the job done right, a Professional carpet cleaning system is the right choice.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines Are Weak

Automatic carpet cleaning machines have low water pressure and weak vacuums. Unlike professional carpet cleaning systems. This means that you won’t rinse the carpet fibers well. In addition, the low pressure water that you deposit will not be sucked up properly. This can leave you with a damp, musty-smelling carpet.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is the quality choice

If you’re looking for high-quality deep carpet cleaning, hiring professionals is the only way to go. When you schedule professional carpet cleaning services, you not only clean the top of the carpet, but the padding as well. Talk to us about how our truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment can remove even the deepest dirt and toughest stains from your carpet.

Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning of Pet Urine Disposal

Home cleaning of carpets with pet urine is almost impossible. No matter what solutions you put in or how many times you use your carpet doctor, the smell of pet urine is likely to be there. What many people don’t realize is that the urine has gone far beyond the surface of the carpet. The filling is also saturated. We are experts at pet urine disposal and we do it a lot. Specialized solutions and specialized equipment are usually required to remove pet urine from carpet.

Drying carpet after cleaning

If you’ve ever used a Rug Doctor or similar equipment, you’ve likely noticed dirty water as it’s being extracted from your carpet. Although these carpet cleaners remove some of the water and dirt, they are not effective at thoroughly drying carpets. When a professional team like ours cleans your carpet, we are able to extract much more water and therefore much more dirt from your carpets. This leaves you with drier, cleaner carpets as an end result. Beyond that, we also rake carpets and use high speed fans to speed up the drying of your carpets after cleaning. This is really beneficial if you have furry friends. If your rugs are still damp after you’ve cleaned them and your four-legged friends hang out on these extremely wet rugs, you’ll end up with a less-than-pleasant smell. Through our high powered carpet cleaning process, we are able to leave your carpets slightly damp. With the high speed fans we also use, your rugs will be nearly dry by the time we leave. No musty smells here!

Hot water provides a better carpet cleaning

When you clean your carpets yourself, you are limited to the temperature of the water that comes out of the tap, as most machines don’t even have a water heater. Professional Carpet Cleaning can heat water to the ideal temperature (almost boiling) and maintain its temperature during carpet cleaning. Many automatic carpet cleaning machines or detectors don’t even have their own heaters. This makes a big difference in removing tough stains and removing stains.

Many automatic carpet cleaning machines or detectors don’t even have their own heaters. This makes a big difference in removing tough stains and getting rid of unpleasant odors. The extreme temperatures of hot water extraction are part of what distinguishes it as the best carpet cleaning solution available. This hot water can penetrate the fibers of your carpets and remove accumulated dirt from the carpet, while better activating the solutions we apply to clean your carpets.

DIY Carpet Cleaning May Damage Your Carpet

When you clean your own rugs, you also run the risk of damaging your rug. Some rental carpet cleaners are extremely harsh and can cause faster wear and tear on your carpets than professional services. A professional carpet cleaner is dedicated to knowing exactly how to care for your specific type of carpet.

Contact our professional carpet cleaning team

Cleaning is of the utmost importance in our life not only so that our environment looks good but at the same time to avoid illnesses and also to avoid the bad smell of your home. And it should be done in each and every one of the houses. Sometimes we are faced with our family and friends visiting our place even without informing us beforehand and in those situations, if our house is not cleaned properly, it certainly leaves a bad impression on their guests. All things that are placed in your home should be cleaned at regular intervals and you can certainly do the same. But the only thing, cleaning that would face a problem is your carpet. And for this reason, you should definitely hire one of the best Glasgow carpet cleaners.

Carpet Cleaning takes hard work and we certainly couldn’t do it ourselves. You need experts to do that hard work. Carpet Cleaning Glasgow are very cheap and they give you a very good service. All you need to do is a survey to determine which is the best organization or institute that provides carpet cleaners for your service. You can look it up online and you can also read reviews of past and present hiring of carpet cleaners from those organizations. But in any case, if you are not satisfied with this, you can even ask the experts who know very well the best suppliers of carpet cleaners in the state among all those that offer.

Before hiring a carpet cleaner, make sure the organization they belong to is licensed and certified. Never directly trust those who have not had clients in the past. Also, before finalizing them, take a demo test of their work and take a look at the type of chemical they are using to clean the carpets, as to save expense some organizations use poor quality chemicals which as a result can weaken your carpets. Always choose those carpet cleaners Glasgow that provide you whose first motive is to properly clean your carpets without any mistakes and provide you with the same level of comfort that you experienced when the carpets were brand new.


The first thing you need to work on is the garbage on your floor. This includes candy wrappers, papers, leftovers, packages, etc. Most of the time, it can include traces of tobacco, etc. Just clean it with a broom or just your hands. This will remove your first hurdle to cleaning the floor thoroughly. Trash may stick to the vacuum you will use in the next step.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, select one of all the carpet cleaner suppliers and get the job done. You can check the online reviews of the companies before selecting them. It will surely help you filter the best.

Glasgow End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

I-Care Cleaning Services specialist end of tenancy carpet cleaners Glasgow.

Are you moving out of your residential or commercial property in Glasgow and require a deep carpet, upholstery or rug clean?

Every year we conduct hundreds of end of tenancy carpet cleans in Glasgow and surrounding areas for tenants and private sellers of residential and commercial premises.

Having clean carpets at the end of a Tenancy is often crucial to maximise resale value or for contractual reasons.

At I-Care Cleaning Services we guarantee to conduct the best possible service to maximise deposit return or to get your carpets and upholstery looking their best to maximise resale value.

Maximum End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning Results From I-Care Cleaning Services

At I-Care Cleaning Services Glasgow we use high grade professional cleaning technology.

Our high powered carpet and upholstery cleaning unit is guaranteed to provide our End Of Tenancy carpet cleaning clients in Glasgow with the most thorough deep clean they have seen.

Our carpet cleaning machines aren’t to be confused with inferior DIY machines often used by low cost providers.

Professional End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning Glasgow

Our commercial carpet cleaning system incorporates large heat exchangers meaning we can clean synthetic carpets with bacteria killing steam generally 150c, high temperature cleaning is extremely effective for breaking down soils. Lower temperature ranges are used for wool carpet and rug cleaning. 

When we clean your carpets they are left very slightly damp or in many cases nearly dry, maximum drying times are 3-4 hours.

We have invested heavily in the best equipment to deliver the best results for our End Of Tenancy clients.

Our Quality 5 Step End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning Process

At I-Care Cleaning Services we provide a  complete 5 step cleaning process that includes pre vacuuming, pre spray of cleaning agent, mechanical agitation(working solution into carpet fibres for complete soil uplift), hot water extraction to lift all soils and cleaning residue and finally accelerated drying for maximum results. 

Following this process we guarantee to give your old residence or commercial premises the deepest possible clean to maximise sale profit or deposit refund.

Best End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaner Glasgow

I-Care Cleaning Services are specialists in end of tenancy carpet, upholstery Rug Cleaning Glasgow, offering only the very best and highest quality professional cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas.

Our cleaning staff are fully trained, uniformed and constantly monitored to make sure they are only providing the highest quality of cleaning so that we get full customer satisfaction on each and every job we undertake. 

At I-Care Cleaning Services we have the experience and knowledge within the carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning industry that is required to provide our clients with a service they will be completely satisfied with. Call us on 07495027182 today and speak to one of our cleaning team about your requirements.

Wool floor coverings are a great addition to the living space. They add a bit of comfort and luxury to the interior of your home. One of the positive aspects of wool rugs is that they are made from a natural material. For whatever reason, that makes them even softer and more pleasant to feel underfoot. If properly cared for, they can also have a very long shelf life. That is why it is essential to know how to take care of wool rugs and rugs to get the most out of them.

First of all, you will need to ensure that you are properly equipped for the job. Here’s a list of things that will come in handy to have on hand for cleaning wool floor coverings:

  • Vacuum;
  • Gentle laundry detergent or a home-based solution if you prefer eco products;
  • Sponge
  • Bucket;
  • White towels or clean cloths.

Now that you are properly equipped for the job, let’s get started. Here’s our guide on how to care for wool rugs and rugs:

1. First, remove the floor covering to the outside, if possible, and shake it well to remove loose dirt on the fibers. If not, try hanging it over a railing or something and giving it a good bang with a flat head sweeping brush.

2. Now, give the carpet a round with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust buried in the fibers.

3. Next, take your bucket and fill it with cold water. Then add a capful of your mild laundry detergent and mix it with the water.

4. It’s time to sponge. Take your sponge and dip it in the water. You don’t need to go overboard with humidity, so use enough, but don’t soak the rug. Start working it from the corners inward with your sponge and soapy water.

5. Now, rinse your bucket and fill it with clean water. Use this to rinse the soapy water off your carpet.

6. Finally, make your dry towels absorb as much moisture as possible. Then leave your carpet in a place to dry. Preferably not in direct sunlight as it can discolor colors.

Pro tips on general care for wool carpets and rugs

Now, not everything is in the process of cleaning. There are some things every proud owner of a wool floor covering should know about caring for wool rugs and carpets cleaning glasgow. That’s why our team of professional cleaners has put together this list of tips.

• New wool rugs and rugs shed a lot. Vacuuming regularly for the first month will help. We recommend no more than twice a week until the shedding slows down. After that, 2-4 times a month is enough.

• Do not use an overly powerful vacuum cleaner on your wool rug, as it can cause it to come off too much. Placing a sock over the end of the vacuum tube helps to slightly deaden the suction power.

• Never use too much water to clean your wool floor coverings. It can damage the fibers. Use as much as needed and never more.

• Pet hairs stuck between wool fibers can be removed with a stiff brush. Always brush in the direction of the carpet lint.

• Stains and stains on your carpet? Don’t wash everything. Rather, just tackle the dirty area. Excess washing is not good for wool rugs. If it doesn’t seem to be going well, it may be a good idea to call in professional carpet cleaners to help deal with the situation.

• Vacuum the bottom once every one to two months.

• Using snow to clean your wool is an old technique that many people still like to apply. It is made-up to freeze and eradicate bacteria in the process.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Do you want to turn a house into a beautiful home? Cover all floors in carpets. It is warm on the feet in the winter and nothing beats the softness of a mat in the summer when you walk barefoot. You can lie down next to a heater or fireplace with a book and it’s quite comfortable when you make a strong pillow. The lovely carpets give you the characteristics of a true home and, because they are a long-term purchase, their maintenance far exceeds the mere weekly vacuum runs we perform. But we’re here to give you carpet cleaning cuts to keep your carpet spotless.

# 1: Remove pet hair with a squeegee

Pet hair is remarkably difficult to remove with just a vacuum cleaner. Lint rollers may not be very helpful in cleaning the entire surface and with some pets the shedding can be overwhelming. If your carpet has very short hair, then you’re ready with the trusted squeegee.

The squeegee might be intended for windows, but its design is made to dislodge dirt, frost, and other substances that form thin layers and adhere to a surface, just like pet hair on a short pile carpet. Water the squeegee and use it as you do on a window.

# 2: Remove stains with an iron

Stain removal has put the will and intelligence of homeowners to the test. We present a three-step process that will help remove the stains from the carpet.

First, vacuum the stained area to remove hard particles. This lets you focus only on the available stains. This is crucial preparation work.

Second, treat stains with a 3: 1 water-vinegar mixture. You should let this mixture seep into the stained fabric. Five minutes should be enough.

Three, place a towel over the stained area and apply a hot iron. The pressure and heat make the stain transfer onto the towel like a reverse water temporary tattoo.

# 3: Lint Roller to the rescue

Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how hard you vacuum, there is only dirt, crumbs, and hair that your vacuum cannot handle? This is a common problem that you have to deal with when you have long pile carpets and even the most powerful vacuum cleaner cannot clean the fibers at a higher level.

The solution is to buy a lint roller for those problem areas and put a little grease on your elbow until it picks up all the stubborn particles. Depending on the type of carpet, you may not spend more than five minutes total per carpet.

# 4: Homemade Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner

Yes, you can buy all the detergents your heart desires for deep carpet cleaning, especially if you have your own carpet washing machine. But those might not be the best option when trying to lead a healthy and organic life. If you are the Nature team and want to minimize the effect you have on the environment, then this recipe is for you.

The ingredients are as follows: a ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of white vinegar, 5 drops of essential oils, 2 tablespoons of dish soap, 2 tablespoons of fabric softener, and a gallon of hot but not boiling water. This is a lot cleaner option compared to store bought ones and you get the same results easily. Lock and load in your shampoo machine and you’re ready for a deep clean.

# 5: Baking Soda Masks Pet Accidents

At the risk of this item sounding like a baking soda endorsement, I also have to include baking soda as an effective treatment for when it comes to home-raiding pets. Accidents happen and pet owners will accept that animal urine does not give up without a fight. There is the smell and discoloration, but a generous amount of baking soda absorbs the smell and then allows you to erase the rest of the mess. You will find this to be a lifesaver when you are training a very energetic puppy to wait until you take him for a walk.

# 6: Baking soda fights oil stains

Oil has to be the most frustrating substance to remove from carpets, and sometimes these stains cannot be treated exactly with hot water and the cleaning technique. You need a special way to extract oils from your carpets, and this is where baking soda saves your life and your carpet. Apply it liberally to the stain area and leave until the baking soda absorbs the stain and for a kind of dry crust, which can vacuum and leave a much lighter stain. Once most of the oil has been absorbed, you can proceed to clean the stain.

# 7: Rubbing alcohol removes nail polish

You may not want to risk rubbing alcohol on carpets, as this could damage the stain and cause bleaching, especially when the offending stain is nail polish. However, trust me when I say that nail polish remover and other types of clear alcohol are not strong enough to bleach a carpet. You should wait until the nail polish has dried. Remove as much of the dry nail polish as you can with a blunt tool, preferably a butter knife, and then gently rub with a cloth or paper towel until the nail polish dissolves and absorbs into the material.

# 8: Baking Soda Can Also Cool Your Carpet

Technically, baking soda is half of what you need to create your own air freshener for when you want to spruce up your carpet, be it for guests or another more formal event. You will need a bottle of essential oil and a 16 ounce box of baking soda. Add 10 to 20 drops, depending on how noticeable you want the aroma to be and look for something fresh like a citrus. Sprinkle your mat with this mixture in the same way that you would sprinkle a cake with sugar and then vacuum after 5-10 minutes.

# 9: Shaving cream solves normal dirt spots

The lighter carpets in pastel beige, yellow, white and soft colors get these patches of dirt that come from heavy traffic, dust buildup or just careless accidents. Having children around also gives carpets very visible slip marks and dirt can be a nuisance at times, but not when it comes to shaving cream. Either type works, so you can budget well around this. The stain can be old and the main benefit of rubbing the shaving cream on the stain and letting it sit is that afterwards the mat feels soft to the touch and also has more lint. You could also call it an anti-aging carpet cream.

# 10: Strong deodorant recipe

Have children? Have pets? Do you want your carpets to smell fresh? Do you also want to use products that do not harm your loved ones?  The recipe is simple. Start with one to two tablespoons of borax in a large bowl. Follow the borax with 10 drops of essential oil, but before deciding on one, better investigate how strong the odor is and what odors can irritate your pets as pets have a much more sensitive sense of smell compared to human beings. Finally, follow this up with two cups of baking soda.

In essence, it is a mix similar to the previous trick, but a little more powerful. Baking soda absorbs bad odors, the oil refreshes the carpet fiber, but here you also have borax, which kills germs, microbes and is safe in these amounts.

# 11: Fluff your carpet with the power of vinegar

Vinegar has many uses similar to baking soda when it comes to carpet care, and one of the most interesting uses is to fluff high-traffic areas where the carpet appears worn and the fibers have flattened out. Dilute the vinegar in equal amounts of water and then spray it on the affected area. Once the material has absorbed the mix, take a regular spoon and run it sideways across the mat to loosen the fibers and restore their original texture.

# 12: Shag Carpets needs special care

Right, lint carpets might have returned as a must-have in your home, but that doesn’t mean lint carpets have become easier to clean. In contrast, most vacuum cleaners have such strong suction that it causes these carpets to come off as the fibers are absorbed, curled, or just come loose. It is as if you had a pet in your house. To avoid these spillage episodes altogether, simply vacuum only with the hose fitting. You get to the roots of the fibers without damaging the tissue.

# 13: Fluff Your Carpet with the power of the ice cube

This trick is intended for prints left on furniture carpets, especially when they are heavy and do not move frequently. These prints are annoying to see if you decide on a completely different arrangement. But don’t despair, because it turns out that you can restore your carpet to its former glory with an ice cube. Put a regular ice cube on these dents and let them melt. Then pat off excess water and iron the area until dry with a towel. Once the fibers are almost dry they will be flexible and you can fluff these areas by hand with ease.

# 14: Area carpets and runners are your friends

It has fine carpets that you love to display when you host reunions and host parties, but foot traffic is ruthless and without proper care these carpets wear out faster. What you can do is buy carpets and hallways to place in the areas that receive the most traffic, and then remove them when you have guests. It saves you a lot of time vacuuming and also keeps your carpets looking new for much longer.

# 15: Keep carpets clean with shoe covers

Are you planning to move? Will there be any occasions like preparing for an event that will result in high foot traffic on your carpets? Minimize any damage by having people wear a pair of shoe caps indoors, as they will remove footprints from boots, running shoes and stilettos, and prevent people from tracing too much dirt around the house. Prevention is as important as maintenance and a little forethought keeps cleanliness to a minimum.

# 16: Ice vs. gum

Chewing gum is never good for finishing on a carpet, but while it seems impossible to remove gum from any fiber, it isn’t. The main difficulty is whilst the gum is still soft. Stretching and dealing with it at that point can cause more damage, so you should instead stiffen it. An ice cube on the gum for half a minute should be enough to freeze it and allow you to scrape it off with a spoon with limited damage to your mat.

Our professional carpet cleaning services here at I Care Cleaning Services have all the essential tools and requirements to clean your carpet. So, you do not have to worry about cleaning. Just make sure you are taking the precautions properly.